A closer look at Fennec alpha 1

Mozilla(#1) had just released Firefox mobile version - Fennec alpha 1. You can download it here .

(the first view when you launch Fennec.)

Compared to its competitors, Fennec has some potentials that other browsers don't have.
These potentials are good flexibility, high security, fast speed and advanced design.

Although current Fennec has no add-ons support, we can see Mozilla had planed to let Fennec support all the add-ons that work on Firefox.

Mozilla is well known for their Firefox webbwoser, which is a bowser that has thousands of add-ons and can be highly customized. No other browsers in the world has so much wide variety support and functions. Those add-ons are built by programmers and volunteers around the world, people can mix and match these add-ons to make their best browser. Fennec will eventually have plenty of add-ons that Firefox own. The capture above is the best evidence, it looks 100% similar to Firefox's option.

Fennec also stresses its high security, it shows the same favicon(*2) style as Firefox has.
When user gets into a website, Fennec will show the correct favicon which is owned by the websites. In this way, users can prevent from going to some false and malicious websites.

Fennec also has some excellent features, such as the awesome bar on Firefox. You can search your previous browsing history very easily.
Just type in some key words on the location bar, you can find several relevant history hist of yours show up. and you can choose it directly.
This save your poor memory. The search engines like Google, Yahoo, and wikipedia are at the bottom of the window. Whenever you want to look for any information, they will serve you well.

(the browsing history. The star icon means this page was add to your bookmark by yourself before.On the bottom are 4 frequently used websites.)

Designed for the largest viewing space, Fennec make all tabs and page switcher, option hidden in both two sides.
Only when you flip your finger(or your mouse) on the web pages you can see them. That's a cool design. You can slide it by your finger and see clearly how many tabs you had opened at this session, but still keep the largest viewing space.

(All the tabs are listed in the left column, as shown above)

(the shift page buttons are placed in the right column, bookmark button is the star icon.)

By now on, Fennec alpha 1 can be run on Nokia N810, and on Windows, Mac, Linux.
Mozilla explained by letting Fennec be capable to run on computers will give them a better, faster feedback and will improves more on the next release. The next release will be in early 2009.
can expect Fennec will be one of the most promising browsers in the future. Because its great performance will able it to run all kinds of web pages
swiftly and beautifully. Someday Fennec will be installed on all kinds of PDA
and cell phones.


#1. Mozilla is an no profitable organization that develops world famous software like Firefox, Thunderbird, etc. Those are free and open softwares, users need not to pay a cent. Everyone can view and improve the original code, too.
#2. Favicon is the icon on the awesomebar that notifies you are in the specific website.
#2. w3c = web page standard . abbreviation of "World Wide Web Consortium", an organization that pushes web pages to be wrote in standard method so that all web pages can be viewed correctly. See in wikipeida. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_Wide_Web_Consortium
#3 Fennec is a kind of small fox with big ears that lives in North Africa and Arabic desserts.

Cute fennec  >口<

picture from http://www.flickr.com/photos/floridapfe/2530834190/


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