A meeting

Yesterday I went to a meeting. The lecturer is a guy who owns a cram school that teachs toefl and GRE and toeic and something like that.

His lecture was quite well. When he gave some quizzes (with prizes) to us, some students from other department answer his quizzes swiftly.
I didn't even come up with an answer that I was 100% sure.

Yes, that's funnily ironic.
When someone who is not in foreign languages major answsers quizzes faster than those who are foreign language major.

I knew actually most of the smartest students are not in colleage of humanities. The smartest guys are most likely to be a scientists or a medical doctor. So foreign languages major students should not think themselves as the best foreign languages speakers in a college.

When someone is English major, he/she has the pressure to come up with a 100% certain answer. That's one of the reason why we did not raise our hands and answered the quizzes right away.

But I think the biggest problems are we are not aware of the facts - the fact that a student who only studies his/her English Literature or myths can't be a productive learner.

Students who are only busy at their damn homework before the deadlines and play all the time can't be good learners.
Students who only learn languages by reading and listening can't be good speakers and commnicaters.
Students who only learn things in language categoaries can't be productive persons at all! They don't know anything else!