My kid sister wants a fun summer vocatoin

She wants to go to some playgrounds.
She is 11 years old.

So she searched several museums and playgrounds on the internet.
I show her how to paste the address of a playground into the Google Map.
Then all you have to do is to type in the address of your home.
Then Google Map will tell you how to reach there.
By taking a bus, driving a car, or by exercising your own feet.

Then she found all the playgrounds are so far away and the tickets are so expensive. (over 500ntd)
So she's quite depressed.
She has been asking me to take her to some playgrounds,
but now she realizes the distance and the tickets are not the easy things to deal with.

Then I walked away for a while. I got to do something else.
When I returned, I saw she had left the search result on the screen of Firefox browser.
She left two tabs on it and went to bed.

She searched the "Children's museum of Taipei" on Google.
Sadly, this museum was closed.
We didn't know that.
I think she must have been heartbroken when she founds out the truth.

Another tab was the Google Map.
She had typed in keywords "playground" (遊樂園)
She also gave the address of our home,
just like what I had shown her only once.
Google Map gave her a route to a playground.
It's an aquarium. 台北市士林區基河路128號 (台北海洋生活館)

I was surprised that she could learn it all so fast.
But the aquarium had been closed for years, too.

I thought I ought to take her to some places this summer vocation.
Last summer I took her to Taipei Astronomical Museum.
She really like it. She's a fan of astronomy.
But I have no idea where else I could take her to play this summer.

Anyone got any idea or suggestion? Please let me know.