I am reading the Catcher in the Rye.
I remember a female English teacher in the NTUT.
She was damn lousy. She always talks about her daughter and her husband.
She always says her husband was graduated from CK senior high, and how smart a person he is. How much he had got in the IQ test.
She always talks about these staff in class, and she probably thought this would make people think she's smart too.
Damn her, shit.
She always talks about her damn smart daughter.
She always says her daughter had started to read English novels since she was in kindergarten. She can finished Tolkien's the Lord of the Ring series by her self.

She's damn annoying, she's never a good teacher, but a big bastard.
She always makes herself a pride person by telling the glory of her husband and her daughter. They seems to make her the wisest woman in the world.
Damn her. Damn, I couldn't imagine such a teacher would be there in the world. I mean it, really.
She could not at least teach anything useful.
The way she looks at everyone is irony. She must think all of the students are morons. Yes, I had to admit all of us are morons except me.
I hate a teacher who always stands proudly and speaks nothing but rubbish.
I really want to wipe away her face from my mind.