Kids love schools, since their friends are all over there

This is a lovely news.
School year starts for one million students.
As the school year starts, young kids are happy to see their friends again.
They don't like tests and homework, of course. The boys are worried about their vocation assignment and the approaching tests. For most of their time are dedicated to video games and sports. The girls are much more happier to see the school starts.
I especially like the pet phrase the boy said "man...", it's so lovely!

I have a kid sister who is in elementary school, sixth grade. She got the similar reflection as the other kids. I remember the same feeling comes whenever school years start when I was a kid/high school student. Now I am a university student, in the third grade. I feel sad since I don't feel the excitement of school-year-starting anymore.

Anyway, It's going to be a new mile stone for me. I mean I've passed through certain point of my life, not I had achieved anything magnificent. There's no returning point for me, I can not go back and try again anymore. Good luck to me!