KK dog wanted to shit in 3 am

Last night (probably at 3 am) we heard the TiaoMa cat made strange cry.
Sunya woke up and discovered KK dog was standing by her bedside. He's
feeling bad for his stomach. It must be the meat supply he had in dinner.

Sunya took him out and he indeed had a diarrhea. It was TiaoMa cat
moaning on KKdog and Sunya's side so we got awaken. These cuties have
some kind of intelligence that they dare not to interfere masters'
sleep. But they are in need of help so they made some small noise to awake you.

But KK dog is as quiet as a clam. He didn't make any noise, it's TiaoMa
cat figured out KK was in trouble so she made noise for him.

Poor cuties.