Penghu tour experience (2)

The Far East Air transportation announed it's bankrupted at the day we arrived. We had no choice but to cut short on our schedule. The 2nd day was mainly about the intra-island scooter trip. The time is limited even when we started our ride at 10 am.

The wind is less strong that day, so we decided to go to the remotest section the scooter can reach, that is, the lighthouse on the cape of "west island" (fisherman island). It took us about 1 hour to get there with a non-stop riding. The scooter we rode is a small 115cc yamaha cuxi, so it's quite slow and can only reach 50km/h. What makes the riding even tougher is the suspension is only a weak stick, the road is not so bumpy but two person sitting on cuxi is too much for the little scooter to climb up and down hills or ride against the strong wind.

The 3rd day is less fun because we have to be at the airport from miday, only to wait for possible ticket to get back to Taipei. I will have another post on the 3rd day.