Invitation for BnosK Technical Writing Meetup Vol.1

Our first live streaming is quite successful.You can watch it on youtube, and leave your thoughts below. I will be adding related resources mentioned in this session on youtube description and here.

BnosK technical Writing Meetup Vol.1

(Updated, this episode had been removed)


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Hi all,
It's good to see you all are well. During this covid resurgence, more than 8000 cases are reported daily in Taiwan. I am happy to announce our first hybrid meetup is going to be held on 8-9 pm, Apr 29, 2022.

The topics are "What is a, b, and RC?" and "how doc is effectively done through transparent info infra system?"

8:00 - 8:30 pm"What is a, b, and RC?"Howard WuSpecial guest: Sunya
8:30 - 9:00 pm"how doc is effectively done through transparent info infra system?"Howard WuSpecial guest: Judy

You may join the meetup by selecting one of the following sources. The 2nd source is actually a live broadcast from the 1st one.


the invited google meet link 

BnosK technical writing meetup vol.1
4月 29日 (星期五) · 下午8:00 - 8:50


After clicking the link at that time slot, you need to wait for permission to join the meetupRehearsal will be done on Thursday afternoon 4-5pm. (Apr 28, 2022)
2Subscirbe to BnosK youtube streaming from our channelNope. Just view it directly from public youtube

Rehearsal will be done on Thursday afternoon 4-5pm. (Apr 28, 2022)

3Physical location (Old major coffee) for face to face interaction.You need to order a cup of drink. Location
It's in central Taipei, near Zhongshan Elementary School Station.  

I was considering what is the appropriate word and mindset for our meetup.
Was it schedule, syllabus, agenda, tutorial, (experience) sharing, or courses?

The topics and content covering a wide range of project management, technical writing and business development. I look forward to see you all on this Friday night.




[Important notifiication

Due to the requirement on multiple wired equipments for live steaming, we will only actually meet you in the QA section, after the broadcast is done. (after 8:50 pm ) So you can sip your drink without wearing a mask, while listening to the session. 

So thanks for visiting us in Old major cofffee, we are actually upstairs and tonigh we will meet you only after the session is over. We can do it in talkshow (face to face) or podcast (online) way in upcoming BnosK meetup we can interact in person from the beginning to the end.

Don't forget that we got 10k reported cases since end of April. From the current covid fatality rate in Taiwan (0.5%) that means 50 newly infected people would died of it daily.