Schedule of BnosK Taipei moving

BnosK is moving back to the outskirt Taipei (新北市中和/土城), so we are shutting down the place in central Taipei (Central Business District, 台北市中山區). This post is for anyone who wish to know the calendar for BnosK technical writing service and Howard Wu in early September, 2023. 

DD cat destroys doors and swallows wooden part, that's harmful to his stomach

A brief Schedule in Taiwan

  • 9/6 (水)
    • Fly to Taipei, Taiwan
  • 9/7 (木)
    • Throw away huge items in Tucheng 
    • So we can get space for mega office shelf and TV
    • Fix the doors for cats
  • 9/8 (金)
    • Dismantle the mega shelf in CBD office
    • ship my clothing and smaller stuff with 2 scooters.
  • 9/9 (土)
    • Meet potential customer 
    • Attend my buddy's wedding 
  • 9/10 (日) 
    • Meet my parents (morning)
    • Ship all the big stuff with car (afternoon)
      • TV, mega shelf
      • home and office appliances
  • 9/11 (月)
    • Terminate the mobile and network contract for central Taipei office 
    • Remove cam and doorbell
  • 9/12 (火)
    • Install the mega shelf 
    • Move the betta fish tank 
    • Install cam
  • 9/13 (水)
    • Fly to Fukuoka, Japan

Tool list for Japan home

Below is a checklist for stuff to bring back to Japan to polish our new place in Fukuoka. I only got a suitcase with me so the space is limited.

  • HDMI adopter (2 in 1 out)
  • PTFE Seal tape (for hose)
  • Hose (for air conditioner in the balcony)
  • A book for Japanese verbs and tenses 
  • Doorbell

We will see you soon in new offices and meet you all online, glory to good technical writing!