K2 - evolved from Atlassian Confluence

K2 is our latest Knowledge base system and methodology, which is a workflow and embodiment based on Atlassian confluence.

But with improvement on offline functionality and search, UX enhancement via css/js.

K2 is capable of being embedded in your product (like a customized OS with built-in manual), and also available for printed version or online realtime display, cowork, and commenting. K1 is smaller, fit for projects less than 30 active people.

Currently K2 is under development. The enhanced part is adding a mechanism to avoid anyone abusing the system to have dev exploitation. This is harmful in the long run and results high turnover rate in a company.

The system would be a great fit for a larger company around 100-500 employees.

我們提供Confluence安裝和開箱即用的服務,將Atlassian Confluence和您希望/習慣使用的issue tracker(ticket system)一併安裝於全新硬體上,並販售給您。 我們會遠端研讀這個主機的所有ticket訊息,時時與您的產品開發除錯一起進展所需的文件紀錄。讓您的編修紀錄和大檔案、版控隨時就在您公司內網,加速上傳和編輯保存備份的方便性。

參看Confluence 安裝建議:


官方並不建議安裝於AWS T1等級