Chrome確定將來會有add-ons. Google Chrome will eventually support add-ons and user scripts

許多人從Google Chrome推出的第一天就在敲碗了:Google大神什麼時候要給Chrome出套件啊!
Google 說Chrome最終一定會支援add-ons,但是要先確保這些套件和主題不會拖垮Chrome的瀏覽和啟動速度,以及確保Chrome的穩定度。


希望Chrome將來不會像Google Talk一樣成為Google產品中的棄子……
Google said Chrome wiil eventually support add-ons.But they want to make sure these add-ons won't unstablize Chrome or slow it down. But who knows when will the good day come?
Maybe Firefox, Opera, IE, Safari...or other browsers will make lots of differences in the future. And in the future the Internet won't be what we are familiar with today.
I pray for GC will not be the next give up plans like google talk...

origin news came from Download Squad