Opera 中國版代號確定:朱雀 The code name of special version Opera 9.6 for China: Ibis


Opera 中國版開發代號已在內部確定,中文名朱雀,英文名Ibis,將基於 Opera 9.60 的基礎開發,採用 Presto 2.x 核心。
隨著 Ibis 的確定,Opera 中國版正式進入開發階段,將於三個月內發佈。

Opera Ibis 將有如下改變:

* 特別針對中國網路修復網絡應用及網頁
* 改善中文語言包的翻譯
* 改善中文界面
* Opera M2 增加對中國電子郵件的支持
這是 Opera 在全球範圍內首次針對某一國家開發的獨立版本,實現了 Opera 對於中國市場的重視,至此,中國瀏覽器市場三足鼎立格局形成,就看Google Chorme能否殺出血路了。



The news from Engadget said Opera declared to build a mainland China version since Opera9.6. Its code name is Ibis. In Chinese is called "朱雀", a beautiful singing bird (usually in red color) that symbles fortune and good luck in Chinese culture. Ibis is also one of the four great animals in Chinese mythology.
Some new functions will be added into this Op9.6 Ibis version.
Ibis version is scheduled to be released 3 months later.

1.Specific functions for handling China's websites and intetnet connections
2.Improvement in Chinese menu translation
3.Support email providers in China

This is the first time Opera built a specific version of Opera for one single region or country in the world. So there will be IE, Firefox, Opera competing each other in mainland China.
(Actaully lots of people in China use IE based browsers like Maxthon instead of pure IE.)

Ibris will be a specific version for mainland China. Since China government's crtical control of Internet. But I think in other Chinese using countries and regions like Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan(R.O.C), there will be no difference in Op9.6.

Opera users who live in Asia have been waiting for better support of Asia characters. The default setting in Opera shows very poor Asia characters, especially in Chinese.
There are two types of Chinese characters, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese. People who live in Hong Kong and Taiwan and some regions use Traditional Chinese, but in mainland China they use Simplified Chinese. There are more than 1.3 billion people (mostly in mainland China) using Simplified Chinese, and another 30 million people use Traditonal Chinese. (Taiwan's population is 23 million, Hong Kong and other regions is 7 million)

The two types of Chinese characters, have caused great barrier between Chinese people (NOT political China people, but cultural Chinese people) .
Simplified Chinese was "incented" in 1956 due to political issues, by People's Republic of China government. It was a part of cultural revolution , which bring big disasters and chaos for people in mainland China. But people in other places like Hong Kong and Taiwan(R.O.C) still keep their original Chinese characters by their own governments.
Although Hong Kong and Macau had return to China government in 1997 and 1999, they still keep Tradictional Chinese. Taiwan(R.O.C) keep Tradictional Chinese, too.

There have been a perplexity for a long time. People using diferent Chinese character can't read another Chinese characters smoothly and comfortably. (Although They can fully understand each others' characters.) There are extensions for characters auto-translation in Firefox, but not in Opera.

I hope there will be a built-in Traditional<->Simplified auto-translation function in Opera. Then it will be a really great improvent. Let's wait and see.