bookmarks disaster from foxmarks IE version...

Well, I tried up the ie version...but I found it a small disaster...
This is mostly result from IE7's design, it can not show unicode characters...
Lots of my bookmarks are Japanese or other languages...
When they are imported into IE by foxmarks sync, they can not show Japanese characters.
So I found tons of ???? symbols in my IE bookmarks. That's unpleasant.

Another problem is the order of my bookmarks is changed.
This is because IE's bookmarks are sort alphabetically.
But I would like my bookmarks to keep in my original order!
So everything is mess up.

It's hard to change a thing in IE's design. Maybe foxmarks team should consider killing IE's stupidness. Don't let IE sort bookmarks alphabetically.

The third problem, is also very unpleasant.
Whenever I turn on IE, foxmarks for IE said it detected bookmarks had been changed in IE and it would like to sync right now. When I click on any bookmark in IE, it said so again.
But actually I did not changed a thing. I think these are some of foxmarks for IE's current bugs.

My OS is Windows XP.
Afetr trying foxmarks for IE, I think there's no need to sync bookmarks between Firefox and IE.
IE is no competitor to Firefox or Opera in any aspects. So there's no need to sync bookmarks between them.

Finally I still want to thank foxmarks team, they really did a great job on Firefox. Thanks to their awesome service and foxmarks extensions. Foxmarks has keeped all my Firefox bookmarks safely for more than two years.