The Call of the Wild

A few days ago I went buying some English books.
I got the coupon from wining a compositon contest.
It's about 1000 NTD dollars, so it's not much.
I have to use it before the end of summer vocation or it will be useless.

I bought three comic books, Robinson Crusoe, and The Little Prince.
Sure they are all in simple English. I bought them for my younger brothers and sisiter.
I also bought English novels: The Call of the Wild, The Da Vinci Code, The Alchemsit, and the Cathcer in the Rye. They took about another 650 NTD since I got another discount card. So it's quite cheap.

I had finished The Call of the Wild in the first day. It's a shorten version from the original one.
I like the story very much. I think I should get an original version.
A Japanese animatoin Wolf's Rain is probably influenced by this novel.
They got similar spirit in some way.

The Da Vinci Code is completely new to me. Other books I had finished reading their Chinese version before. But I adore them so much so I took the chance to buy the English version.

I love the ending song of Wolf's rain. It's called "Gravity".
Enjoy it.