Getting ready for the tour

My brother and I are getting ready for the bike tour around Taiwan.
So we practiced biking on the road near my home.
But I found it uncomfortable and dangerous to bike in a city road, where buses and cars rushing by your side.

I got extreme headache that afternoon while we are riding in the city.
The exhaust of the cars made me pretty sick.
I am going to solve this problem orelse we can't leave the city.
I had draw a route to the northen side of Danshui river.
We will start from there and make a clockwise tour around Taiwan.

I have to draw these routes on the Google Map. But it's not easy.
Although I am having my summer vocation, I feel like having a serious sickness.
My body and my mind are exhausted.
I got a fever a few days ago and I don't even know how it came to me.
I must exercise my body and mind. Keep myself in the best status.

If everything is alright, we will launch near August 15.
That's the only possible schedule for my brother.
Although I prefer to start the journey at early July.