While I was on the road to fetch the train ticket, I got strange obsess with two thoughts. One is Walter Benjamin's idea of Profane illumination, it bids me to read it crazily. This is the reason why I came to Taichung, I wanna do sci-fi research. If I didn't do it from this moment, I'd be a sinner. The other is the love relationship with Sunya. Is it really love when someone is out of reach most of the time? It's just started but it be really a torture pretty soon. There would be big problems, I know that.

Things would go wrong, on me or her.
At least I got to take her beside me most of the time. I know that be a good idea and if I had done this earlier...

Gosh, my heart hurts so much...I need some sleep to cool down the pain.

Be right back to what I dropped here or there.