A prayer for all of us

For those who read my blog, thank you for concerning my recent life. I must confess I am in great anxious now. But I thank you to care about my life. I start to understand my real situation in this moment. That makes me anxious and realize how much mistakes I have made.

It makes me feel I can not go on anymore. Nor can I make a mistake anymore. Making a correct choice is like making a bet. I am in great doubt to know that my previous choices are so careless and thoughtless. 

It is time to be responsible for all of it. I know I almost flunk it all, like what I did before. The anxiety must be relished or else I can not set my heart on doing something.

It is the hardest thing. People want to see the promising future so that they are willing to invest their life and resources on it. Anxiety flushes away my clear thoughts.

I shall learn to be peaceful again. Do not to compare with others. Get things done and don't get it down again.