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"Women. Fire, and Dangerous Things"

Haward 吳浩民

This study is based on Gastalt theory. http://juishanc.blogspot.tw/2013/06/gestalt-principle.html

Based on Gastalt theory, people learn things better when they incorporate isolated information into related ones.(law of closure, similarity, proximity, and symmetry) I think our current vocabulary teaching syllabus would need some renovation. Words shall be teach more freely rather than ...

Research Questions:
I want to know in which circumstances students would learn new vocabulary better: 1. they choose what interest them most, or 2. they learn words in a batch without any personal choice or re-focusing.

(Just to make sure that the participants in both groups have the same level of word understanding. )
  • Controlled group: The traditional way. Teacher and students list all possible words from the comic strips. (Or the words had been given for the comic strips) Then the instructor rates their importance, the students memorize all of them in a batch.  
  • Experimenting group: With the comic strips, the students are encouraged to write down their interested words from the series of pictures. (Vocabulary provided below) They need to choose top 10 for their most interested words. If some desired words are not listed, they may ask for help. The instructor would give their desired translation of corresponding words. Thus they begin to learn new words from their most interested words.

This might be a little bit tricky that two groups of students may not be tested on the same group of new words. But remember we are trying to test their retention and incorporation skills. The way they incorporate the new words knowledge into the known domain, is the most important things we want to test on. But I have not yet come up with an effective way to test their retention and appropriate usage on new vocabulary. All I can come up with at this moment, is to ask them to make sentences with their newly acquired words, and see if they are properly used.

Anticipated Results:
I expect experimenting group will receive better scores than controled group. There's a simple reason for this: the students learn new vocabulary based on their customized needs and personal experience. The follow the principles of psychology, esp. those mentioned in Gestalt theory. I need some more revision to strenthen my arguement on the relation between my hypothesis and my tests. The whole idea comes from the comic stips we used in class.

FAQ (for Points needed to be cleared):

  1. Are they generating new words?
  2. Do both groups have the same word list in the end?
  3. Where’ your material? I wanna see your so called comic strips.


This article will take me a long time to complete, Gosh.


1a. 請學生自己觀察並寫下自己的焦點發展過程(中的所有單字) ->
1b. 老師述說、寫下並解釋自己的焦點發展過程(中的所有單字)
1c. 比對,並請同儕、師生之間互相補充
1d. 老師挑選並rate這些字的重要性

2a. 給學生一些時間,請學生列出所有detail
2b. 老師列出所有detail,比對和「校正」、補充給學生
2c. 開始測試學習效果


Gastalt theory

1a, 1b 會有比較好的效果。因為我們只會先注意到整體中吸引我們的部份訊息。之後再來補足背景中的訊息,才不會訊息過載。