Vocabulary notes 1028

Check the definitions of these jargons.

  1. ecological validity http://terms.naer.edu.tw/detail/1304179/   or  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ecological_validity
  2. pilot testing
  3. propositinoal analysis (representative parts for each part of the text) => in order to have better external validity
  4. Range program http://www.lextutor.ca/range/
  5. graded readers


  1. the aliens
  2. the superhero comics etc.


Notice these issues:

  1. Look at the diagram and flowchart first, then guess their usage for each section of the chunk. Then read the text.
  2. Proper Nouns = known words. (They just need some explanations.)
  3. 參考Adolfo & Renee的實體教材 (materials for your participants in diff groups)
  4. Send the materials before this Sunday
  5. We’ll run your experiments in our class with our classmates (20min total for each person. They want a really quick test for pre-, and post-ones) = I am no.7 for this in-class test. (on Nov 11)
  6. Put Gestalt theory in the discussion. Not as a hypothesis…. (for some subtle and practical reasons)


OH, don’t get too much or too little coffee