Vocabulary teaching v2

Send the prof. my teaching material within a week.  Make sure they are appliable.

Prepare and sned Materials for both groups.


Clarify these shit.

“Are they generating new words? Or old words” <---- they may just speak up the words they already knew. Rather than acquiring new words to learn.

Design some material for them to describe.

Find your target subjects to test on….I supposed they are my Gas station men.

(Draw the comic strips for them, both my classmates, teachers and gas station men. Make sure they understand what I want them to do and how I am going to teach.)

Since They don’t understand Gestalt theory at all. (Don’t even try to make them understand, just give them the materials you choose/design. Also provide the psychology papers and sources for them.)

I am thinking about finding srtips for gas station or anything (any comic strips) that interest them. I haven’t decided yet. I may have to draw the comic by myself.