Vocabulary teaching v3

Participants: Some 17 year-old night time schoolers. All of them are male, working in a gas station with me.

Materials :

  1. 字彙來源是三民版本的高一上課本。
  2. 不會直接採用跟加油站有相關的事物,原因是受試者也不想,且用途太過侷限。
  3. 單字片語手冊(遠東)
  4. Vocabulary 2001~4000 (三民)

tags: learning style, vocabulary, Gestalt theory, recall

unsolved issues:

  1. Most Gestalt test (MPD) are for elementary children (Bender-Gestalt test, functioning IQ, WAIS IQ test)
  2. I did not find as much Gestalt papers as I thought I would.




但是根據我的實驗設計,使用Gestalt theory可能是用前者比較適合,因為我可以確保我的連環圖片符合這些字的真實使用場景正確。目前我有兩個方式,隨意找出A-Z裡任何單元的單字來畫圖,或是先拿A字部的unit 1。


pre-exercise (pre-test)(拿我們上課用的跑步漫畫):


2014-10-28 02.03.20

words class meanings
starter n. 鳴槍員
starting line n. 起跑線
track n. 跑道
running shoes n. 跑鞋
shorts n. 短褲
competitor n. 競爭者
runner n. 跑者
stadium n. 體育館
spectator n. 觀眾
startled a. 驚訝的
get ready phr. 準備好
run a race phr. 參加賽跑
fire a gun phr. 鳴槍
start a race phr. 開始(一場)比賽
cheer a person on phr. 為(某人)加油



exercise (test)

  controlled experimental 1 experimental 2
word list provided. As in table.1 No (hinted first, later guiding them to describe the words  needed) yes. As in controlled group
pictures no yes yes
importance rating (by students) not necessary yes yes
importance rating (by instructor) yes yes yes
testing the “top 10” words yes yes yes
recall word spealling scoring yes yes yes



  controlled experimental
spelling recall test y y
story recall test y y



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