Vocabulary teaching v8

The sad thing is, I need to redesign many parts of my previous experiments.
But do not worry, I would try my best.

Work list:

  1. Today is 11/30. I am going to finish the rest of my test material. Ok, now let’s go.
  2. Adding MWU (multiple word unit) into my test material.
  3. I estimate I need at least 2 more hours to complete the two descriptions and the text.
  4. 可以用一些2000-4500 的字,如果還是太簡單,就再把range往上調整,但描述一樣的事情。


take a while lighten up know sth/sb inside out godspeed =
godspede =
good luck, god bless you
on the dot
reach out to sb keep sb in the loop hop in get on one’s nerve sooner or later
suffer from sth not lift a finger get sb’s ass/tail in gear put the knife in put yourself on other’s shoes
check in on sb/sth give sb a hand destined for get/have one’s foot in the door read between the lines
check in with sb/sth throw in thw tower equip with have the guts keep one’s fingers crossed
check up on sb/sth easier said than done leave one to one’s fate keep an eye on piece of cake



  1. Retention?
  2. Allow participants to discuss the content?
  3. the main problem is how to design a suitable testing procedure and relevant content?
  4. 我得決定和貫徹哪些網站在我寫作業的時候不能打開,fb和ptt是必定不能開的,email也是。imdb, rss, tumblr
  5. 寫好的text 請native speakers proveread 。我的時態會來回變化
  6. 問徐老師高一學生是否這些單字對他們來說太簡單?給他列表,並確定作實驗的時間

comic 1 description text

Tom moved to a new city. He lives alone and suffers from the depression of losing his job. He feels hopeless and alone. Some of his friends, for example, Susan, have noticed that something is wrong with Tom, but Susan is not sure how to reach out to him. Fortunately she found an app called heartline that would remind her to contact Tom. She adds Tom and some of their best friends. Periodically. the app would remind Susan and the others to check in on Tom. For example, when Susan was shopping. the app beeped and reminded her to check in with Tom. She immediately calls him, which makes Tom feel less disconnected and alone.  The process repeats and Tom truly feels he is loved by a support system.

comic 2 description text

The team rolls out in the morning. Phill ponders and check on his ammo. Ronald is calmly bathing the sunlight near the window on the helicopter. He suits up his boots. At the mean time, they are preparing for parachute jumping. The turbine engines of the chopper roar, and the soldiers are ready for their day. 


word based rephrase…sentence blanks

用配合題測驗!可能有四大題(40 words?)或兩大題(20 words)

A new paradise for all people

Matt was hurt badly on his belly, and the only chance for him to survive is to find a hospital. He went to a hospital and found his childhood playmate Holly, who now works as a nurse. She secretly heals him in her home and asks him what had happened to him. Matt explains that he needs to go up to the space station “The Paradise” where all the rich people live. Meanwhile Crack and some killers have followed him by drones and helicopters. They fighted for survival. Holly and her daughter Moore were kidnapped by those agents. Matt and his partners have to save them. He carried enough ammos and clips, preparing to ambush the space colony. The shuttle they took hovers above the hopeless land before they leave – it’s their broken hometown. Matt no longer feels disconnected to the others since he holds the key to save everyone on this planet. They don’t want to suffer from pollution and hunger anymore.

They do the parachute-jumpping on Crack’s base and crack many doors, eventually found the terminal computer that controlls everything in The Paradise.

Before Matt pressed the button, he no longer felt alone. He knew that he would live among everone else who benefits from the New Paradise.


items to be filled:

  A B C
1 alone belly ammo and clips
2 hovers fight parachute-jumping
3 no longer feel disconnected turbine
4 survival   helmet


1. Reading graphic novels in school: texts, contexts and the interpretive work of critical reading
Shari Sabeti*
School of Education, University of Stirling, Stirling, UK
This paper uses the example of an extra-curricular Graphic Novel Reading Group in order to explore the institutional critical reading practices that take place in English classrooms in the senior years of secondary school. Drawing on Stanley Fishs theory of interpretive communities, it questions the restrictive interpretive strategies applied to literary texts in curriculum English. By looking closely at the interpre- tive strategies pupils apply to a different kind of text (graphic novels) in an alternative context (an extra-curricular space), the paper suggests that there may be other ways of engaging with text that pupils find less alienating, more pleasurable and less reminiscent of work.
Keywords: graphic novels; critical reading; interpretive communities; extra-curricular space; secondary English teaching