CLA 1202 notes

Narrow down my topics into just one!

  1. boost reading speed
  2. boost syntax learning

Choose one from the above two!


CLA, My part next week: ch8 285-286 intro, 303 bottom – final


有可能作L1 嗎?g.g. rules 發明的時候是for English, 難道只能給SLA, TESOL, TEFOL用嗎?Native English speaker呢?或是L1為Chinese, German, Japanese, and other language? L1 child ?




feature blank aphasia, Gopnik, 1990

This is really interesting, a biological evidence for genetic problems result in feature blank aphasia (eg, inability to learn or recognize suffix rules)

Pinker (1984): the poverty of imagination postulate –> 作理論的人,常常就是無法想像出真實情況是怎樣,無法提出真正接近的理論架構 p245: …just because someone cannot iamgine how a particular behavior might have been learned, it does not necessarily ….