Vocabulary Teaching: the Methodology

[Title of the research]
From parts to whole: incorporating Gestalt theory into Vocabulary Teaching for 10th graders in PCSH.
This is a psychological experiment based on famous Gestalt theory. We wish to
[Lit. Review]

  • Pre-test (Selected 10 words from my test vocabulary)
  • Mid-test
  • Immediate Post-test (exact the same 10 words from pre-test. Do it again.)
Features of the research:
  • Words are highly grouped into semantic related domain. (to testify Gestalt theory) One under the domain of loneliness and suffering, the other under the domain of parachuting and military action.
  • Learners need to incorporate new words into their own existing schemata. 
  • balance the proportion of word classes. V/N = 20/50 = 2/5 = 0.4  Very close to the natural reading sequences in real setting.  (注意中英文中的詞類比例,看看差異)
  • the two articles selected could be incorporated into a larger theme (as in the final part of the test). I am trying to see if students know how to gestalt the new words by themselves by making up a new story that uses all the new words they just learned. This is a very helpful tricks in learning a language.

  • Projector, no test paper jiughyugytgf
  • A DSLR for video-recording the whole process

[Research Questions]

[Suggestions for future studies]

[Issues and Worth-noting Notes]:
Depth of vocabulary knowledge
  1. 9 aspects of word knowledge: tabl2 12.1 / pg 226
  2. This table could be useful if I wan tot building an otological labels/tags for my semantic web
  3. AS for the order of each part of the test, see table12.2 in pg 235
To avoid tester’s’ fatigue, there are two ways:
  1. ignore the fact that they’ll be tired since it does not matter a lot to the results
  2. Find more participants so that each of the participants only have to answer smaller portions of the questions.
A biased study would be like this:
  1. hypothesis
  2. you test something else, got some figures
  3. you did not explain the figures, but you concluded by your hyothesis

N = learned by onstential methods

V = leraned by non-ostential methods