Some 3d printing demos

Here are some demos I printed.

I wounded my fingers while I tried to remove the little ship from the plate.

The edge of the plate is very sharp. So I put on tapes for them afterwards.

They are: ring of ironman mask, a Gundam X11 model with workable arms, pistons and crank of an engine model, a girl with a sword, and a tower of church.


P_20150724_105215 P_20150724_105217 P_20150727_162128 P_20150727_162145 P_20150728_134627 P_20150728_135920 P_20150728_135933 P_20150801_170441 P_20150801_170455 P_20150802_135300_HDR P_20150802_155704 P_20150802_155730 P_20150802_180410_HDR P_20150806_094653 P_20150806_094721 P_20150807_110226 P_20150807_110237 P_20150807_123134 P_20150807_123138 P_20150807_123141 P_20150807_154338_HDR