The floppy disk and the cylinder

Prof. Tsai: 

I want to thank you for improvising last week's incident.

Here you got a student strive to live on old machines and limited budgets earned from every jobs available. 

I spent 1400 NTD to get the 43mm (65cc) cylinder from Taichung. Another 1200 NTD to get it installed. This is good but the technician told me my exhaust pipe is broken so I need to replace it after a while. It's 18 years old, so it's rusty as hell.  

AS for the floppy disk, I got two 3.5" floppy disk PCs still work out just fine. I even got a specialized rare zip disk cassette. If you need anything like that just let me know. I think I can help to restore / copy the files from your teacher's piles of ancient floppy disks. They deserved to be restored since they are the classics and legendary from a newbie's perspectives. 

Just send them from Chicago! I am not sure what types of floppy disks they are, but I think I can get the machines work anyway even if they're in 5.25" or 8" models. (BTW, my service on this is totally free.)