Initial result of top 1000 words

Prof. Liu:

I know this may mean nothing to you. But this means a lot to me and to the dyslexic teenager. 
All thanks to your teaching on python and the modern NLTK tools. We are convinced this list and the method would help dyslexics like him a lot. 
I found the psychological effect is so huge on such a kid, he is willing to spend his precious memory on such a certified list generated by our program.
So am I. I am cheered to have such a result and effect.
It brings the suitable threshold to the teenager with his limited ability of acquiring "new words". 

I OCR the special entrance exams papers from 2004 to 2014 and made a corpus specific for him. 
Since some of the text were scanned. But the result of OCR is pretty good. 

The teenager got very limited time and energy to prepare for such a exam. Like, one or two month.
But he's progressing steadily under my supervision. He now got solid syntax structure concept. Good enough to build legitimate English sentences.  
You can still see the glitches in the list. Like some shorten symbols (im =I'm )and (ii) the Roman numbering was also included. 
But it's ok, we would keep improving. 

I am trying to duplicate and understand the Python code written by Sunya last night. (Yeah, it's nothing to her, she finished it so soon!)
Wishing to make another corpus for a junior high school dyslexics, a younger sister of that dyslexic teenager.
But I know it would be not so effective. The corpus and the vocabulary bank for junior high is so small that such an effort would be useless.
Just for fun and see what would be like.

I'd keep reporting my progress if anything relevant to programming and linguistics.


吳浩民 Howard Wu
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