some revision notes on the eye-tracking experiment design


I got some ideas for you to revise your design, just my two cents.
  • You can try to display the Chinese sentences with a stair-like sequence
  • Make the background parchement-like color, the white background is too sharp for reading. Leads to more Blinking
  • The Chinese word is broken in shape.Maybe considering change them into another fonts like 新明細體will help。標楷體-the calligraphy like fonts will be broken after resize. This has a more obvious effect on recognition than on crowding/boundary itself.
  • I rode scooter all the way from Tucheng to NCCU. My eyes were dry because of the strong wind and air pollution. Maybe this effects a lot on today's experiment. The calibration kept failing for some reasons.
  • The grouping of the words is also critical. I think the spacing is bothering me so much on reading the sentences.  Didn't feel the effect on boundary effect working here.

For example (it's a coined sentences)


Sentences display like these can strengthen the effect on spacing.
But I am not sure if the experiment would be more complex when the vertical position of fixation is put into consideration.

Anyway, I can join your experiment before 12pm at any time.
Just let me know if you need to redo it.


吳浩民 Howard Wu
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