any places you want to visit in Northern Taiwan?

Hi, Zuzana

You're right in the center of an election storm - people will go absolutely crazy on this Saturday, it's going to be like a carnival. 
I am not sure what would happen after the result come out. Maybe there will be some rebel when the result is revealed.
It happened once before, in 2004. But I think it's going be alright this time. 
What really make the election important this time is the congress may be largely reformed due to some newly appeared parties. 
Bringing in some fresh air to this country, not just "anti or pro China" century old debate

Is there any place in Big Taipei area that you wish to visit, but have no chance of visiting yet?
Like a misty mountain village or places? A hot spring in Wulai dstrict? 
Is there any scenic spot you wish to visit?  

Maybe give me some ideas that you desire to visit before you leave Taiwan. 


吳浩民 Howard Wu
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