Re: any places you want to visit in Northern Taiwan?

for hot springs, since Taipei is surrounded by mountains and sleeping volcanos, so there are lots of hot springs up the mountain areas, all of them claiming to be nice. I think I need to search for some other index.
LIke those on the northern parts (Beitou) of taipei and those in the south-eastern (Wulai) and south-western (Xanxia) parts mountain ares. 

I would check some for you so that you can pick up from one of them.
So hold a while.

One more thing, Taipei is going to be very very cold this weekend.
The temperature is estimated to be closing to zero. This is a rare case for Taipei, and lots of people are anxious to see snow that they've never seen and probably won't have another chance to see in several decades. 
Let's just see the result~