Re: research proposal v5

That's ok, I figured out much details that I haven't thought of before. These are the best I can do to strike a study-earn a living balance.
I have always tried to be self-sufficient in economy to be able to keep on my research career. It's critical so that I and my family wont get into financial trouble even when I have to spare my chance of getting a full time job. They want stability and guarantee on economy. But I wish to prove there's a better path when dedicating one's genious while keeping the money running in. Well, at least money that's enough for a living.

The process is precious, I will still report on my progress on polishing up the proposal and plate design. You would love to hear the news from potential investors. There are also some new findings I think I can add into the design as I work with the two dyslexics. This is really good. And good enough to astonish people.