research proposal v4

Prof. Tsai:
I made some modification. I also upload this v4 version to the moodle. 
So far, there's only one set of data has been revealed. To my surprise, it's contrary to my prediction.
My m-devices are slowing reader down!

There're some missing parts like the lit review. They still remain in written form since I can not process so much work on PC each day.
I'd be soon updating my progress.

One more thing, I got to consult you my methodology. 
the "mean" velocity I compute from each neighboring fixation, I average them again to figure out how "fast" their eyes go in general.
I am not sure if this is right.
Even though they do not need to carry any physical meaning at all in this case. It's just speed. 

I know this may not be pleasant, I got you my overdue work under my abusive working environment in TMUL.
But I need your support to get into the teacher's preparation program in NCCU.
To get in that program, I need to get a good grades for this course this semester. And this is my last chance since this is the third year in graduate school.
I will talk to you more if you would let me to, in the way you'd like to.   


吳浩民 Howard Wu
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