Work log of the day

Today is the first work day after serial holidays (labor's day), so it's really tiring, spiritually. 

  • Fix at least 5 minor mistakes in ch7 and ch9 for clarity and missing of parenthesis
  • Send the sample to Wayne
  • Update and test the TiddlyWiki with its wiki format. Nice. (2 or 3 entries) Now the manual is v8.1
  • Making sure that I am going back to xubuntu 14.04 LTS, the 16.04 LTS is really buggy! I don't believe in 2 years these problems will be fixed. Just check how long it took the 14.04 to go really stable with other applications.
  • Write to a professor for some guidance help. I don't think I can get her help or response. But I still have to try.

Damn, I need to rest my eyes. 

吳浩民 Howard Wu
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