Recent life

I've been trying to find a suitable CMS (content management system) for my project work and company. For better co-op and present the data we have.

I tried a few wiki system. Tiki and Confluence.
Confluence is really slow and bulky. It's not as good as it claimed. The only thing attracts me is the way it enable co-op and converts the existing docs into KB (knowledge Base)
For manual editing and some other similar purpose, it may still way to bulky and unhandy. It crashes very often when converts a larger word doc file (20mb).

As for Tiki, at first I was a bit disappointed for its lack of "this and that"
But after the frustration and bulky feelings in using Confluence, I went back to try Tiki. Now you know the durability and efficiency is the most important of all.

But generally, the old tools like blogspot, TiddlyWiki, and word, pdf, Mendeley...etc, are still strong and must be  used for a long time. 
That's why I come back here to give it a post.