Thesis Ch1 Introduction (partial)

1.1 Synesthesia and syntax processing

This is how an usual result to admit and share my secret on synesthesia.
"The truth is, I am a synesthete. Which means I have synethesia."
"What's a synesthesia?"
"Well, it's a feeling entangled with some other feelings."
"Ah, I see, just like you see your grandma's chair will reminds you of how her cake taste, right?"
"Umm, not exactly, it's...umm... I can see the color of sound. It's like the wire of the brain got wrong."
"Unh....oh, I feel sorry for you. Can it be cured? So do you feel messy when you walk around?"
Another common way to end the conversation is a sudden silence of "I don't get it" or "I don't believe it" atmosphere looming around.