Linkedin Premium is useless

It's like what others shared on the internet. It's not helpful.
I've been using it for 5 months but nothing good came out of it. Each month it charges about 1000 ntd.The salary insight is not there. They don't have the information they claimed to have in premium. 

It does not have a clear usage for brand promotion or elevate search result or anything. The matches are not helpful due to the ignorance from the companies' side. They are using it as a way for promotion in search result rather than really looking for candidates. I have experienced things like these from HTC vive, infor, and other companies, and I knew it because I had contact with them from other channel, and finished interview from there. So I knew the insight and what they had been planning for certain recruit project.

It's just commercial campaign. They are not serious in expanding their team size.