Difficulty for the company to choose BnosK solution

I was talking to a marketing head and I realized the info flow is different in her view and her position. Things wouldn't work the way she foresees. It would be a mess because her company is made up of 90% developers across dozens of projects. It would a futile act, a terrible disaster.

But I can't help that if I am not in her company. BnosK is created to prevent these things from happening, but I couldn't prevent that today. It's not the problem that she didn't choose me or BnosK. It's my reasoning not good enough to persuade, to convince her that upcoming disaster.

There must be something I need to change if a viable solution can be chosen for both sides. Both of us couldn't change our point of view and authority on task scope. I need to think about how I can help a company like that in such scenario.

I have always had a feeling that marketing people can see things in a larger scope, forming strategy, while developers see thing in micro scope. I can talk well to both. But today I felt sad that I can't do anything in assisting them.

Real life scenario is always tougher than I think it was.