A small milestone

I spent two months in constructing content for a company confluence, not a single developer ever document anything on it or make any correction. There's only tons of gibberish and ridiculous oversimplified requirements from many PMs.

Until today there's one real developer in backend team corrected a critical typo in what I migrated. (It's actually his typo in his old doc). He did review silently just because it looks better in confluence.

But I am glad. If there's only gibberish from PM, or outdated specs from developers, then confluence is useless. If I can't get all people balance their output in confluence, then it would be useless.

I think I can take this as a first achievement from BnosK. Even though I wasn't signed on behalf of BnosK, but it proves my methodology work, and it takes a bit longer than I had expected. This is an important factor in adjusting my business strategy and profit model.


I wish I could be a real developer soon and I can start building on what I had dreamed of in graduate school.