Another milestone

I knew it's coming but I didn't expect it happen so fast.
Today a colleague directly did mass changes on the 'master' branch of documentaion on confluence. it's so messy.

I was a bit angry and I can even foresee if I hadn't think about such possibility, I would smash my mouse on the ground on that spot.

After a while I realized that he had done things like that before. It's a bad thing that they didn't have the idea of version control for information, or at least they should put changes into another branch before trying out new content. It's so wrong to just edit whatever marketing people think should be put into existing record --- before even doing fact check and version control for the project code documentation.

This is a bad sign that they are mixing propaganda with actual trace of code development. There should be a clear line at least for internal documentation to check the actual progress... you can't fool yourselves.