ACP 600 test result and its procedure


Hello Howard Wu,

Thank you for taking the ACP-600 Project Administration in Jira Server exam.

Unfortunately, you did not pass this time. We encourage you to try again.

Your score:  41%

Content Breakdown:

1.0  Roles, Permissions and Issue Level Security: 52%

2.0  Project Configuration: 14%

3.0  Issue Types, Workflows, Fields, Screens and Notifications: 29%

4.0  Reports, Dashboards and JQL: 60%

5.0  Global Configuration: 100%

Please note this important information about rescheduling. All exam retakes require payment of a new exam fee.

Retake Rules

You must wait 7 days before retaking Certification Exams and Pro Skills Badge Exams.

Candidates can retake non-proctored Skills Badge assessments exams at any time.

Best Regards,

PSI Customer Service

The pas standard is 65%. But I think this is overall acceptable due to my lack of practical experience in jira admin.