[Job Watch. 3] BioMEMS startup and marketing-API in Taipei

This week I found two companies that are looking for hiring a technical writer in Taipei: Kontex, and Rosetta.ai.

Both are start-ups, but Rosetta.ai has expanded ten times with its sufficient funding.

The Rosetta.ai used gitbook to store their documentation, which is clear enough for reading and commercial use. This indeed amazes me when I first read their layering info, pricing tier policy and the graphics for the system.

Web-based tutorial is clear for software operation guide

JD1. Rosetta.ai 太米股份有限公司

Rosetta.ai helps fashion e-commerce uncover consumers' shopping preferences and provide personalized shopping experiences to consumers. We're making e-commerce merchants have enterprise-level AI backup on day 1. We are seeking a highly motivated Technical Writer to join our team. The Technical Writer will be responsible for creating high-quality technical documentation for our 3rd party partners and fashion e-commerce developers. The documentation will include technical specifications, API documentation, user manuals, and other technical documentation as required.

Rosetta.ai幫助時尚電商挖掘消費者的購物偏好,為消費者提供個性化的購物體驗。我們正在讓電子商務商家在第一天就擁有企業級AI後盾。 我們正在尋找一位積極進取的技術作家加入我們的團隊。技術作家將負責為我們的第 3 方合作夥伴和時尚電子商務開發人員創建高質量的技術文件。文檔將包括技術規範、API 文檔、用戶手冊和其他需要的技術文檔。

  1. Research, write, and edit technical documentation, user manuals, online help systems, and other materials to support our product development and customer service efforts.
  2. Collaborate with product managers, engineers, subject matter experts, and other stakeholders to gather information and ensure the accuracy of the technical content of product features and capabilities, and translate technical information into easy-to-understand language for end-users.
  3. Organize and manage documentation in a structured manner to make it easily accessible and understandable for the target audience.
  4. Communicate technical information to non-technical audiences in a clear and concise manner
  5. Continuously review and update existing documentation to ensure accuracy, clarity, and relevance.
  6. Conduct research on emerging technologies and industry trends to stay up-to-date on best practices for technical documentation
  7. Gather and incorporate feedback from internal and external stakeholders to improve documentation quality.
  8. Provide feedback to product development teams on ways to improve the user experience through documentation
  9. Manage multiple documentation projects simultaneously, and meet project deadlines.
  10. Create and maintain documentation templates, style guides, and other resources to improve documentation efficiency and consistency.
  11. Develop and maintain documentation standards, guidelines, and procedures.

  1. 研究、撰寫和編輯技術文檔、用戶手冊、在線幫助系統和其他素材,以支援我們的產品開發和客戶服務工作。
  2. 與產品經理、工程師、主題專家和其他相關者協作,收集訊息並確保產品特性和功能的技術內容的準確性,並將技術信息翻譯成最終用戶易於理解的語言。
  3. 以結構化的方式組織和管理文檔,使目標受眾易於理解。
  4. 以清晰簡潔的方式向非技術人員傳達技術訊息
  5. 不斷審查和更新現有文檔以確保準確性、清晰度和相關性。
  6. 對新興技術和行業趨勢進行研究,以了解最新的技術文檔最佳實踐方式 *收集並整合來自內部和外部利益相關者的反饋,以提高文檔品質。
  7. 向產品開發團隊提供有關透過文檔改善用戶體驗的方法的反饋
  8. 同時管理多個文檔項目,並按時完成項目。
  9. 創建和維護文檔模板、風格指南和其他資源,以提高文檔效率和一致性。
  10. 制定和維護文檔標準、指南和程序。

  1. Bachelor's degree in Technical Writing, English, Communications, Journalism, or a related field.
  2. Excellent writing, editing, and proofreading skills, with strong attention to detail
  3. Excellent written and verbal communication skills, with the ability to communicate complex technical information clearly and effectively to a non-technical audience
  4. Ability to translate complex technical concepts into clear, concise, and engaging content for non-technical audiences.
  5. Fluent in English.
  1. 技術寫作、英語、傳播學、新聞學或相關領域的學士學位。
  2. 優秀的寫作、編輯和校對能力,非常注重細節
  3. 出色的書面和口頭溝通技巧,能夠向非技術人員清晰有效地傳達複雜的技術信息 *能夠將復雜的技術概念轉化為清晰、簡潔且引人入勝的內容,以供非技術人員使用。
  4. 流利的英語。

  1. Proven experience as a Technical Writer or similar role, with a strong portfolio of technical documentation
  2. Experience working with APIs and other technical documentation tools
  1. 作為技術作家或類似角色的成熟經驗,擁有強大的技術文檔組合
  2. 使用 API 和其他技術文檔工具的經驗
Preferred Qualifications:
  1. Familiarity with software development lifecycles and agile methodologies.
  2. Experience with Adobe Creative Suite, HTML, CSS, or other publishing tools.
  3. With knowledge of Mandarin a plus.

  1. 熟悉軟件體開發生命週期和敏捷方法。
  2. 具有使用 Adobe Creative Suite、HTML、CSS 或其他發布工具的經驗。
  3. 有華語文能力者優先。

Requirement for Adobe Creative suite, but it's an api and UI guide...

JD2. Kontex 康泰智能

1. 編寫產品技術文件(如:使用手冊、說明書)。 
2. 翻譯專業文件(如:財務報告、審計專業文件、專利稿件)。 
3. 負責技術文件的管理管制工作。 
4. 負責國外供應商及客戶的書信及文件往返連絡。 
5. 協助現場口譯工作。


Rare type of business (BioMEMS)