Strength & pricing of BnosK service

BnosK started at 2019 Oct.
The founder Howard Wu is an experienced technical writer who has worked in diff. industries, and has volunteered to work as moderator in PTT browsers since his sophomore 2008.

BnosK has wide range of experience and expertise in technical writing and information management/engineering, Its expertise in ontological mapping helps clients accelerate their development cycle. By the cutting edge of Atlassian Confluence and BnosK tailored workflow, companies will enjoy the benefits of getting real time and detailed development information for marketing.

The key of successful technical writing is to break down known facts into smallest meaningful pieces, in Linguistics, it's called "morpheme."

With such basic atmomic element - morpheme, we can re-construct the existing knowledge base as a living organism that grows with daily-refresh ticketing system. Modern knowledge base and user manual is now longer paper-based, but "search-based." So the way the information being organized and presented must be renovated through a stylish and handful layout.

Compare your existing paper-based manual with our revamped version K1 from BnosK, you will see the full potential of your business and product.

Examples of paper-based and modernized user manual

(to be continued)

Checking pricing formula for your business

The parameters in pricing BnosK technical writing service are versatile yet simple in principal: the total brain power and time consumed.

Service Price   = (Time * Brain power consumed) * Risk (uncertainty)
Brain power consumed = (a + b ) / c

  1. Existing doc file (ready to get imported and accepted by confluence)
  2. layout and format that requires post-processing after import
  3. Content difficulty and relvancy
  4. code review accessibility
  5. Amount of labor spent in format and layout fixing
  6. Frequency of reliable info generation
  7. Product Release cycle  
  8. other supportive tasks demanded
  9. Use of email or other non-real time ticketing system
  10. Jira/Trac or other modern ticketing system
  11. On-site support frequency (time and location)
  12. Parking space and traffic jam
  13. VPN difficulties
  14. Hardware / OS installation
  15. Baseline = 30 tickets per month = 30K NTD
  16. Total info available for reviewing 
  17. Reviewer availability from Party A (important!)
  18. internet connection speed
  19. Paying on time
  20. Rework - frequency
  21. Frequency of necessary meetings

The horizontal axis for pricing would be total number of team members in need for this service. I would like to explain why it is charged like this.

[chart here ]

You can estimate how much is being charged per month for your business requirement.
For more info, please contact me directly.

My address is
The same address applies to my skype and hangout id.

Just let me know your industry and where your company location is, I will be having an on site meeting with you, and start evaluation for your business immediately.

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