A quick report for my current status

Since I can not attend the meeting tomorrow morning, I'd give you some of my current status report.

Work at gas station:

  • 5*4=20 hours of work in gas station for each week. (Not including extra hours spent on other regular work like cleaning and adding up cash)
  • Feeling Extremely Cold, even in the house. I doubt something was wrong with my body.
  • I wounded my knee and side waist badly because my scooter slipped on the iron lid on my way to work. I haven't fully recovered from the accident 2 weeks ago.
  • I need at least 8000 ntd for monthly survival.


  • I have little or no time for my study. This is terrible for anyone who cannot imagine how hard life is nowadays. I envy those who can get coverage from their parents or somewhere. But the way I chose to live represents the way I will experience in the future. I need to be indepedent from the control of finicial support when I am on my future studies. That means I have to find a way to balance my income/family and academic pursuing.
  • I'd tell you more if you ask me anything. I did do the blogging since the begining of this semester so you can see my diary clearly here.http://fall-cicada.blogspot.tw/
  • I am doing vocabulary teaching experiment in PCSH tomorrow. I expect a huge success there. This is intriguing esp. when I go back to the place fired my for no reason. Every policy and principal went on there seem to make the school even worse since I graduated. Now I know the reason, it's the bureaucracy.
  • I found my problem in giving presentation. I shall follow the clues of the writers, not my understanding on his work. I also found the reason of why I've been perceiveing things like this: some aspects of Asperger's syndrome are happening on me. But the lack of time to consume the material is the main reason. But trust me, I kept it as a Gestalt way of learning and it's useful in some cases. I just can't make it work all the times esp. when times are so hard now.

Health and family

  • After more than a decade of terrible suffering, My mom finally decided to have surgery to remove her womb - at the end of this year. I'd spend more time then.
  • My girl friend kept complaining why I am always so tired. She resigned her job as a programmer in April, 2014 and since then, she's been idleing at home. I guess she forgot how hard life is in reality. 

Other aspects of life:

  • I found the high school English materials developed by publishers are not that good. At least 60% of students can not benefit or learn from them. I got evidence and statics of proving this.
  • The workers in gas station are mostly malfunction in some way or live in poor family. Some of them are teenagers of 16 or 17. From their endurace and hard work I could tell if they're born in a wealthier family, they can achieve almost anything.

I need to work on my test material for tomorrow. It took me 40 mins to complete this letter, not such a good deal for a time and energy lacking person. But it's nice to let you know I am still alive, Prof. (wink)