VT ch12 notes 1202

Depth of vocabulary knowledge


  1. 9 aspects of word knowledge: tabl2 12.1 / pg 226
  2. This table could be useful if I wan tot building an otological labels/tags for my semantic web
  3. AS for the order of each part of the test, see table12.2 in pg 235

To avoid tester’s’ fatigue, there are two ways:

  1. ignore the fact that they’ll be tired since it does not matter a lot to the results
  2. Find more participants so that each of the participants only have to answer smaller portions of the questions.

Immediate post test

16 Dec, 23 Dec methodoligy report / present

My title: From parts to whole: incorporating Gestalt theory into Vocabulary Teaching for 10th graders.

email Viko at least a set question for her to ask in the class after my presentation


A basd study would be like this:

  1. hypothesis
  2. you test something else, got some figures
  3. you did not explain the figures, but you concluded by your hyothesis