A plea: Looking for partners and instructors for dyslexia research

I am Howard Wu from Taipei
I am a graduate student in NCCU, and I am working on thesis of dyslexia
I made a device to help dyslexia student to learn syntax and putting POS on words.

This device is an inspiration from my synesthesia, which I believe a possible route to help people who suffer from dyslexia. I have synesthesia for POS and syntax, and geometrical shape and their textile. It’s a brilliant sense for reading and parsing sentences, which I consider a solution for English dyslexics.

Tough the years of teaching, I have taught several students suffer from dyslexia of all kinds. Yet I didn’t have the resources the help them at that time. Now I am tutoring a 17 years old boy who suffers from dyslexia, whom I consider might possibly be the first to be benefited from my invention. I wish any scholar who are interested in such a topic would join me and use a more scientific method to evaluate the result.

I have searched throughout the web yet find there’s limited research being done in such a co-relation and innovated device. I wish you, every of you, the researchers of dyslexia and neuroscience, could help instructing me on my thesis, making this a real breakthrough for the academics.

Thank you. I have no other alternatives to reach any possible scholars on such topics in Taiwan, and that’s why I am desperate and lonely, looking for anyone who can work with. Or anyone who can at least understand the phenomenon in a little more sense than usual scholars.

A lonely graduate student, Howard

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