A revised letter for scholars who study dyslexia

I am Howard Wu from Tucheng, Taipei. I am a graduate student in NCCU, and I am working on thesis of dyslexia without an advisor. This letter is asking for any possible advisor to instruct me and conduct some breakthrough via my innovation and your profound insight.

I made a device to help dyslexia student to learn syntax and putting POS boundary on words.

It looks like a dial.


This device is an inspiration from my synesthesia, which I believe a possible route to help people who suffer from dyslexia. I have synesthesia for POS (part of speech) and syntax. They are mixing with geometrical shapes and tactile feelings of different materials. It’s a brilliant sense for reading and parsing sentences, which I consider a solution for English dyslexics.

Through the years of teaching, I have taught several students suffer from dyslexia of all kinds. Yet I didn’t have the resources to help them at that time. Now I am tutoring a 17 years old boy who is a dyslexic. He might possibly be the first to be benefited from my invention. I wish any scholar who are interested in such a topic would join me and use a more scientific method to evaluate the result.


My hypothesis on this device is simple: giving them some other stimulus when parsing and constructing sentences. POS can be assigned to different shapes, sounds, even vibration if the device was made on smartphones. This prototype is merely made of cardboard. If I could made it in the lab of NTVS (NewTaipei city vocational high school) in Tucheng, I will make it a wooden and metal one. They have great laser cutters and equipments with industrial level precision, good enough to make it a commercialized product. I hope this will create similar synesthesia effect as what works in my mind. But still, I need a more experienced researcher who can examine and advise my research scientifically.

I have searched throughout the web but there’s limited research being done in such a co-relation and innovated device. I wish you, every of you, the researchers of dyslexia and neuroscience, could help instructing me on my thesis, making this a real breakthrough for the academics.

Thank you. I have no other alternatives to reach any possible scholars on such topics in Taiwan, and that’s why I am looking for anyone who can work with.



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