政大典藏 (dyslexia)


1.  Mismatch responses to lexical tone, initial consonant, and vowel in Mandarin-speaking preschoolers

Lee, Chia-Ying; Yen, H.-L.; Yeh, P.-W.; Lin, W.-H.; Cheng, Y.-Y.; Tzeng, Y.-L.; Wu, H.-C.; 李佳穎 ,  2012
[心智‧大腦與學習研究中心 ] 期刊論文
Neuropsychologia, 50(14), 3228-3239
importint, studies have demonstrated that the early phonetic perception if infants with a family risk of dyslexia signoficantly differs from

2.  植基於圖像內涵之自動化人機區分機制

廖奕齊; Liao,I Chi ,  2006
[資訊科學系] 學位論文
with Visual Object Agnosia and Dyslexia but Normal Face Recognition“, The Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, Vol. 9, pp. 555-604, 1997. 【11】 Martin D

3.  母語音韻覺識在英文拼字與讀字上所扮演的角色

詹益智; Chan, I-Chih ,  2003
[語言學研究所] 學位論文
. In E. Helmquist & C. von Euler (Eds.). Dyslexia and literacy (pp. 126-150). London: Whurr Publishers. Li, C. N., & Thompson, S. A. (1976

4.  Cognitive and neural basis of the consistency and lexicality effects in reading Chinese

蔡介立; Lee,Chia-Ying; Huang,Hsu-Wen; Kuo,Wen-Jui; Tsai,Jie-Li; Tzeng,J.-L. Ovid ,  2010.01
[心理學系] 期刊論文
Journal of Neurolinguistics,23(1),10-27, DOI: 10.1016/j.jneuroling.2009.07.003
had an entact ability te read words (regular and irrigular), they exhibited difficilties in reading pseudowords (phonologecil dyslexia). On the ether

5.  國小學生多元智能與英語閱讀能力之相關性研究

韓維仁; Han, Wei-jen ,  2006
[英國語文學系] 學位論文
. A., Fulbright, R. K., Costable, R. T., Mencl, W. E., et al. (1998, March 3). Functional disruption in the organization of the brain for reading in dyslexia

6.  國中生拼字錯誤中母音字母代換分析

胡明玉; Hu, Ming-yu ,  2003
[英國語文學系] 學位論文
Behaviour, 21, 5-28. Ehri, L. (1991). The Development of Reading and Spelling in Children: An Overview. In M. Snowling & M. Thomson (Eds.), Dyslexia

7.  以認知與學習學理為基之漢字遊戲與其輔助設計系統

張裕淇; Chang, Yu Chi ,  2010
[資訊科學系] 學位論文
Acquisition, Developmental Dyslexia, and Skilled Reading Across Languages: A Psycholinguistic Grain Size Theory. Psychological Bulletin, 131(1), 3-29, 2005.

8.  英文童謠教學對國小英語補救教學效能之研究

吳雅真; Wu,Ya Chen ,  2006
[英國語文學系] 學位論文
Reproduction Service No. EJ373262) Lyon, G. R. (1995). Toward a definition of dyslexia. Annals of Dyslexia, 45, 3-27. Moats, L.C. (2000). Whole language lives

9.  由Stroop叫色作業探討注意力的發展

林子誠 ,  2004
[心理學系] 學位論文
.), reading and dyslexia: Visual and attentional processes (pp. 1-39). London: Routledge. Flowers, J. H., & Stoup, C. M. (1977). Selective attention

10.  合作式閱讀標註之知識萃取機制研究

陳勇汀; Chen, YungTing ,  2011
[圖書資訊與檔案學研究所] 學位論文
, (Vol. 12). Montreal. Retrieved from http://fox.usask.ca/files/oats-lornet.pdf Bishop, D. V., & Snowling, M. J. (2004). Developmental dyslexia

11.  同儕教導式重複閱讀法與國中生之英語口頭閱讀流暢度:個案研究過程中的學習機會與挑戰

蔡宜薰; Tsai, Yi Hsun ,  2013
[英語教學碩士在職專班] 學位論文
approaches and new directions. Annals of Dyslexia, 49, 283-306. Moyer, S. (1982).Repeated reading. Journal of Learning Disabilities, 15, 619-623

12.  A cognition-based interactive game platform for learning Chinese characters

Tsai, Jie-Li; Lee, Chia-Ying; Liu, Chao-Lin; 蔡介立 ,  2011
[心理學系] 期刊論文
ACM Symposium on Applied Computing - SAC , pp. 1181-1186
, A., Fosker, T., Mead, N., and Huss, M. Language-universal sensory daficits in deve- lopmentil dyslexia: English, Spanesh, and Chinase. Journal

13.  A Preliminary Study on the Effects of "Note-taking" Strategy on Different Proficiency Levels of Junior High School Students

林惠嫻; Lin, Huie-hsien ,  2005
[英國語文學系] 學位論文
.), Deep dyslexia, (2nd ed). London: Routledge & Kegan Paul. Murphy, J. M. (1985). Oral communication in TESOL: integrating speaking, listening

14.  成人共讀策略對兒童繪本閱讀理解歷程影響之眼動研究

張雅嵐 ,  2010
[幼兒教育研究所] 學位論文
. (1991). Children's eye movement during reading. In J. F. Stein (Ed.), Vision and visual dyslexia (pp. 251-262). Boston: CRC Press. Meyer, L. A., Stahl

15.  優質標註萃取機制提昇閱讀成效之研究:以合作式閱讀標註系統為例

黃柏翰; Huang, Po Han ,  2012
[圖書資訊與檔案學研究所] 學位論文
, S. (1984). Types of writings found in the early levels of basal reading programs: Preprimers through second grade readers. Annals of Dyslexia, 34

16.  Applications of GPC rules and character structures in games for learning Chinese characters

Huang, Wei-Jie; 黃瑋杰 ,  2012-07
[資訊科學系] 會議論文
ACL 2012 System Demonstrations, 2012, 1-6
. Ziegler and U. Goswami. 2005. Reading acquisition, developmental dyslexia, and skilled reading across lan- guages: A psycholinguistic grain size theory


Chan, I-Chih; Hu, Chieh-Fang; Wan, I-Ping; 詹益智; 胡潔芳; 萬依萍 ,  2005-06
[台灣語言學期刊] 期刊論文
臺灣語言學期刊, 3(1), 65-100, Taiwan Journal of Linguistics, 3(1), 65-100

18.  行為改變技術對學業行為影響之個案實驗研究之統合分析

高玉靜; Gao,Yu-Jing ,  2003
[教育學系] 學位論文
the reading comprehension of children with dysphonetic and dyseidetic dyslexia using story grammar. Journal of Learning Disabilities, 22(6), 373-380. *Noell, G

19.  The Early Extraction of Sublexical Phonology in Reading Chinese Pseudocharacters: An Event-related Potentials Study

李佳穎; 蔡介立; 丘雨勤; 曾志朗; 洪蘭; Lee,Chia-Ying; Tsai,Jie-Li; Chiu,Tu-Chin; Tzeng,Ovid J.L.; Hung,Daisy L. ,  2006
[心理學系] 期刊論文
Language and Linguistics,7(3),619-635
Neuroscience 11.3: 235-260. Breznitz, Z., and A. Meyler. 2003. Speed of lower-level auditory and visual processing as a basic factor in dyslexia

20.  幼兒閱讀成效與閱讀環境間之相關研究

田雅晴 ,  2013
[幼兒教育研究所] 學位論文
, M. , Eklund, K. , van Bergen, E., & Lyytinen, H.(2011). Parental literacy predicts children's literacy: A longitudinal family-risk study. Dyslexia

21.  幼兒閱讀成效與閱讀環境間之相關研究

田雅晴 ,  2013
[幼兒教育研究所] 學位論文
, M. , Eklund, K. , van Bergen, E., & Lyytinen, H.(2011). Parental literacy predicts children's literacy: A longitudinal family-risk study. Dyslexia

22.  Phonological and logographic influences on errors in written Chinese words

劉昭麟; Liu, Chao-Lin; Tien, Kan-Wen; Lai, Min-Hua; Chuang, Yi-Hsuan; Wu, Shih-Hung ,  2009-08
[資訊科學系] 會議論文
Proceedings of the Seventh Workshop on Asian Language Resources, the Forty Seventh Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics
licensed. Visit http://www.snowtide.com for more information. words in the Chinese lexecon: Data from acquired dyslexia, Behavioural Neurology, 16, 169

23.  Effectiveness of interventions influencing academic behaviors: A quantitative synthesis of single-subject researches using the PEM approach.

Gao, Yu-Jing; Ma, Hsen-Hsing; 馬信行 ,  2006
[教育學系] 期刊論文
The Behavior Analyst Today, 7(4), 572-594

24.  A psycholinguistic database for traditional Chinese character naming

Chang, Ya-Ning; Hsu, Chun-Hsien; Tsai, Jie-Li; Chen, Chien-Liang; Lee, Chia-Ying; 蔡介立 ,  2015-01
[心理學系] 期刊論文
Behavior Research Methods, Date: 29 Jan 2015, 10.3758/s13428-014-0559-7
had a mean age of 22 years, all were native Chinese speakers, and none had any history of dyslexia. Each participant was assigned to one subset

25.  失憶型輕度認知功能障礙患者在模擬空間脈絡記憶之表現

王宣閔; Wang,Hsuan-Min ,  2008
[心理學系] 學位論文
imaging in understanding reading and dyslexia. Developmental Neuropsychology 30, 613-32. Smith, G.E., Petersen, R.C., Ivnik, R.J., Malec, J.F. & Tangalos

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26.  數位原生代的閱讀傾向:紙本閱讀與網路閱讀之差異研究

湯雅芬; Tang, Ya Fen ,  2013
[教育學系] 學位論文
dyslexia, and skilled reading across languages: A psycholinguistic grain size theory. Psychological Bulletin, 131, 3-2 Zullig, K. J., & Ubbes, V. A. (2010

27.  Orthographic combinability and phonological consistency effects in reading Chinese phonograms: an event-related potential study.

蔡介立; Hsu,CH; Tsai,Jie-Li; Lee,CY; Tzeng.OJ ,  2009.01
[心理學系] 期刊論文
Brain and Language,108(1),56-66, DOI: 10.1016/j.bandl.2008.09.002

28.  Consistency, Regularity, and Frequency Effects in Naming Chinese Characters

蔡介立; Lee,Chia-Ying; Tsai,Jie-Li; Su,Erica Chung-I; Tzeng,Ovid J. L.; HungDaisy L. ,  2005
[心理學系] 期刊論文
Language and Linguistics,6(1),75-107