Re: The dial-like disk for dyslexics to learn syntax

Well, actually due to bureaucracy, the scholarship is very hard to obtain in Taiwan.
Except for unreasonably high requirement on scores, they also procrastinate quite a lot to give the promised fund. It happens all the time regardless how outstanding you are.
Not to mention someone who has to work part-time like me. It's highly unlikely to get the fund through that system. 

Even you got the fund, it's highly restricted for its usage. 
The fund is also very small. One can hardly live or use it for even just a month. Not to mention to spend it on development or hiring professional crew for engineering or other masters. 

That's why I tried to self-fund and devote myself in projects like these.
it's a common sense for entrepreneurs, Never trust or rely on Taiwanese government, they won't do anything with real effort.
I have to persuade them that the money would go to the right place and report the progress of development. These CEOs really look into data like these and its commercial potential. 

Sunya and I wish to visit Europe or California after I graduate. I wish to find a university offering better fund to support my research.

Oh, one more thing, Sunya plans to purchase a car! 
And Guess what, it'd be Skoda's Fabia Combi!  
We love it so much and want to try it this weekend. Can't imagine such a nice car company was founded in more than a hundred years ago.
Czech did have good power in industry and every way, wish I could visit there too!

Hi Howard,

great to hear about progress with your project!

Just one idea came to my mind. Maybe you already did it, or it is completely different here in Taiwan, but didn´t you applied for any special grant/scholarship from the NCCU?

In European universities, if you are the student and have some project/idea and need funding for that, there is special fond exactly for such a purposes. You just need to apply for it and according to your project you might or might not get the money. You just need to be a student (not from private university). But many students don´t know about this possibility....

So what about to talk with the NCCU dean? To introduce him your project and for what exactly you need the funding.
And also you can make some public presentation for the other students and professors.
Have a nice day!


2015-12-10 13:28 GMT+08:00 吳浩民 <>:

I am calling public's attention on investing my project.
FlyingV is a crowd-funding website in Taiwan. It's like the famous Kickstarter or indiegogo.
I am going to upload a demo video and some project description on my plate soon. Probably this weekend.
Do you have any suggestion for my project in funding? Like, specific purpose on money usage? 
Um, actually I wrote one letter in Chinese to FlyingV, but they have not yet replied.
I mentioned this is a scientific research based on personal project. But there's no option in FlyingV assigned to this genre, I wonder if they can help me set up a long-term project option for funding.

My purpose is obvious: I need awareness and funding. I believe I will get at least on of them as I upload my project.

The thing is, I also want to privately write to some CEOs who might be interested in my project.
I need experts in material and design. So I will contact Tung, Tzu-Hsien.
He's one of the founders of ASUS comptuer. Inc. Now the CEO of Pegatron.
He's known for his philanthropic acts and interests in public interest, esp. integration on tech, literature art and design. 

Just to tell you something is still working quietly even Mr.Liu in NTVU seized to help me designing the plates.
I need funding and experts to make the prototype, and I believe some of the leaders in the industry have interest in it.
Not sure how this will turn out in the end, but I will keep trying until the prototype is manufactured and its effect is tested.

Just a quick note on my recent work,

吳浩民 Howard Wu
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吳浩民 Howard Wu
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Battery, Browsers, Scenarist