Re: 吳浩民---面試時間 3/4 (星期五) 14:00 pm

Hi, Ms. weng and people in genie-networks: 
I am Howard, the interviewee of Friday afternoon. 

I got some reference and possible customers for you.
Here's the zip file containing the news I wrote. it's just a fraction of them, since I wrote the column for them for an year.
I have it uploaded on Google drive in case you don't want to download it. You may read it directly on the web.

And here's the analysis of product strength (motorcycle helmet choice) I wrote
The mail forwarding instruction I wrote for TMU student. I also made the demo graphs as attached files. 

As for the potential customers, I recommend you to go find the college libraries. From my experience as a graduate student of NCCU, I know college library often suffer from DDoS attack. The attack frequency is at least once per year, they have to wait for probably two days to bring the whole library website back. The entrance of database has to shut down and causes many troubles for scholars because no one is there to fix it during holidays. Those people hired by colleges have no way of stopping DDoS attack at all. Just look at what Aaron Swartz, the great white hacker had done to MIT and JSTOR. He downloaded millions of paper from their database and paralyzed their website. 

I also manage the discussion forum (PTT: Browsers ) for about 6 years. Here's a thread I recently post.

I know Genie-networks are looking for a writer who is capable of writing manual, at the same time also capable of making the press letter for media. My prior work experience would prove the quality, strength and durability I have. 

I remembering Ms. Tzeng asked me about my strength and weakness.
Here's a brief yet clear versizhengon:
my strength: offer extra work hours without record. My OCD (強迫症)imposes me to think and refine my work even at night after work hours. I often woke up to edit the news or writing just because I get a better update thoughts of them. Work diligently to keep the information neat, clear, and structured, that's my strength and the prey I am looking for, just like the hounds chasing after the wild rabbits. .

And that's also why I shall not work in repeated tasks which would wear my mind out, since I can not modify it to the very best polished state or phase. Foxconn and other manufacturers only offer tedious jobs like that...They don't do abstract thinking well. 
my weakness: easily get occupied with details. This is also a typical symptom of OCD. 

I have been working too much on polishing the thesis and my experiment. It's an inner calling of mine to improve the other people's living state and their knowledge base. I don't want to repeat basic knowledge to students every year. I wish to improve their understanding from the sub-strata. Sometimes people think I spent too much time of unncessary details and lost the big picture, but the fact is sometimes I am afraid of missing details just to form a vague picture of what I am doing.  

I may not have experience work as a formal tech writer, yet I have been doing similar things for years around for personal interest. 
Looking forward for your good news.