ACP-200 (Atlassian certification program) fee and comparison

I was informed by Atlassian: if one wants to be official Atlassian partner, he must send the application and pass at least one of their ACP exams. I don't think this is a boost to one's career, but it might be a boost for a company to have official partnership with them.

So I make a few courses and exam price comparison. I need to make sure all the time and resource I spent for such partnership is worthy. 

ACP-100 ACP-200 ACP-300 ACP-400 ACP-500 ACP-600
250美元不含稅 250 USD 250 USD 250 USD 250 USD 100USD附課程和測驗卷
180 min 180 min 180 min 180 min 180 min 180 min
60%正確率 60%正確率 65%正確率 62%正確率 68%正確率 63%正確率
70-80 題 70-80 題 70-80 題 65-80 題 75-85 題 75 題
目前應該就優先ACP-200吧 雖然這些玩意應該很騙錢,但為了讓公司能取得認證的合作夥伴關係,還是得做 希望能有所收穫,在生意和技能上都是